For your internship

Your internship.

As you will be part of our fraternity in time to come, we believe in playing our part and sharing our experiences so that you can gain insight of what it takes to be a lawyer and the choices to be made in your academic years towards your preferred career path.

Our programme is tailored to provide an enriching hands-on experience for law students. We do not believe that an intern should simply be a shadow observer in the firm. While the intensity of each internship will vary, we fully expect you to assist on files, whether it be conducting research, preparing drafts, or attending scheduled appointments. Each successful applicant will be paired with an associate-mentor who will facilitate experiential learning opportunities and provide guidance throughout the 3-weeks internship period.

Applicants seeking placement between May and September should submit their resume no later than March.

For internship applications, please email your resume to Emily Ngo at