Law Society Council Polls See Close Fight

26 Oct 2017

The Law Society’s elections for seats on its governing council showed up one of the closest outcomes ever when two candidates were edged out in two categories by narrow margins. Thirteen candidates vied for eight posts to represent the three categories of the 5,191-strong Law Society. Lawyers with at least 15 years of practice comprise the senior category, while lawyers in the middle category have practised five to 15 years. Eldan Law founding partner Daniel Koh, 48, the only one to cross the 1,000 mark of the 4,479 votes in the senior category among five candidates, noted that these were challenging times for lawyers. “We can certainly do more with less by tapping technology, e-learning and collaboration. We should not be afraid to embrace disruption and an open market and we should strive to provide value-added services for our clients doing business out of Singapore,”